Sunday Poll on Saturday

My answering machine says I have back-to-back soccer games this morning, and it's true... on the calendar, anyway. Neither game happened, although I went to both fields, starting when the sun was barely up! (Okay, that's a little exaggeration. I sat in the car and listened to Car Talk, which I never get to hear live, and that redeemed the time, although seeing the kids play would have made the morning.) I guess the fields were squashy because we've spent a week under rain, and while I think mud would make soccer more fun, I'm not in charge (and freezing cold mud might be less than pleasant.)

So instead of watching soccer games, I read a couple of stories about soccer games, and both are worth a look:

This article is about the "Silent Saturday" trend, where parents are not allowed to coach or cheer from the sidelines, in the interest of keeping games non-violent.

"In Naples, Fla., a straight shot across the Everglades from Weston, parents were told they'd draw fines every time they opened their mouths.
"We got parents coming up to us, saying, `Here's $35, $45. I know I'm going to say something,' "

And this is a commentary piece on the Snack Parent. While I think it should have been funnier, it's not really intended as a Dave Barry-type treatment, but a serious call to action.

"Are none of us reading about the obesity of our young people? Do you think it helps their well-being that after every sporting event our children gorge themselves Fall-of-Roman-Empire style on extra calories, extra sugar, extra hydrogenated fat? I recently sat down with Annette O’Neill, a registered dietitian and bona fide nutritionist, and asked her, “Do you think it’s a good idea for our kids to have Cheetos and Kool-Aid after a sporting event?” Her response: “Uh, no.”

That story brings me to my poll question. In the past two weeks, we here at CSMSG have had no fewer than four events that served pizza. We always end up with too much of it, and the youth minister doesn't always want his fridge stuffed with day-old Dominos. Is anyone using healthier food than pizza in youth ministry events? How does it work? Do you cook? Do parents? Do the youth? Do you not feed people at all?

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