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A tip of the hat to Out of Ur for finding this story in the Kansas City Star. "Church's Challenge: Curb that Criticism"

Here's the point:

"Thou shalt not whine.
This past summer the Rev. Will Bowen challenged his Christ Church Unity congregation to go 21 days straight without complaining. Then he added sarcasm and gossip to the shalt nots.
To help everyone remember, he gave each a purple elastic wristband.
The rules were simple: If you complain, you have to switch the band to the other wrist and start over. This was on an honor system."

The whole story is worth the read. The pastor says there's a process you can go through to become complaint-free, and the first step is becoming aware that you complain.

Okay. So far this morning I've complained about traffic (everyone for some reason wanted to get to work this morning and I was near the end of the pack on Kingshighway); about my flu shot (it's useful, but not fun, even with a baseball bandaid and a rootbeer flavored sucker) and, going back a little farther, about having to get up.

Maybe I'll call for one of those purple bands.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great idea.

If you buy a purple wrist band, get one for me.