NYWC Austin: Day 2

As always, there's a smorgasbord of workshops to take here in Austin, and my stance against human cloning always gets shaken by lists like this, because I want to take them all. So each year I pick a theme, to help me decide and make sure I get as much as possible out of them.

Last year I picked "best practices" and went to a bunch of workshops on administration or staying un-sued. This year, I'm working on learning better speaking and teaching habits. Late Night stuff looks amazing too; theology with Tony Jones, middle school ministry with Kurt Johnston, special concerts and lots of worships throughout the day.

This sign is in the lobby of the Hilton Austin, where Marty and I are staying. When I saw it, I said "Marty, let's go to that conference instead!" But I think we made the right choice in sticking with YS!

Nearly time for first general session!

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