Prayers, please.

"When the Devil comes to me in my bed and reminds me of my sins, I say to him, 'Yes, I know, but now I am trying to sleep, so go away." --Martin Luther

The first time you hear the little voice in your head saying "Isaac, your life is a lie," you can say back, "Don't start with me." The second and third time, when it also says "Why would they [my students] believe you anyway," and comes with a bunch of small, annoying misfortunes (forgetting supplies, getting lost, being late, losing volunteers at the last second,) it's easier to hear, and more tempting to listen to.

Jeanne Mayo has a great article in the "Youth Ministry Basics" column in the brand-new issue of Group, dealing with common distortions that get in the way of ministry, and the first thing she reminds us all is that we're not alone, that we all hear the same accusations. That must mean we can help each other.

Please pray for me, and I'll do the same for all of you.

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Anonymous said...

After I sent my brother your blog about the stem cell initiative,his response was that when he was 23 he was doing tequila shots.

You are a blessing to this parish. But you are waaaay too hard on yourself. You are accomplishing fantastic things.

I will indeed pray for you.