Austin Sights and Eats

Two more Austin eateries to report on today, within a few blocks of the convention center where NYWC is being held.

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches; there's a tiny little storefront place buried between two huge buildings three or four blocks down 6th St. I'd eaten there before, but forgotten. Not because the food isn't great; I had a roast beef sub and chips; great basic lunch food, and this is another place where the staff has to have fun, so it's entertaining to wait for the sandwich. The one I stopped at is at 515 Congress Ave, Austin TX 78701.

For dinner, we found a place called the Iron Cactus. Marty and I ate up on the roof deck, and one of the neat things (because 6th St. is all restaurants and clubs) is that on the roof, you can see the roof deck of another one across the street, where they have not only live music, but a big movie screen where we're told they show football games and the occasional movie. The waitstaff makes fresh guacamole at the table, which is great, and they're fun to talk to. We tried both varieties of the house salsa (neither completely hot), the Santa Fe Skewers (shrimp, beef and veggies grilled and served with rice and lime butter) and the Salmon Caesar Salad. Iron Cactus is at 606 Trinity St, 78701.

Austin's restaurants make me do the "I love my job" dance!

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