How'd you find me?

I've been doing some work on Myspace, since all of CSMSG's students are there, practically, and Brian Schulenberg was completely right; you can be amazed by poking through the friends lists of your students! I put up a quick profile and started digging for students to see what they're up to and give me another angle to let them know what's going on and that they are being prayed for.

The most common response I'm getting back is "How did you find me on here?" Apparently they assume I'm old. Now, the truth is that they're all connected on each other's profiles, so all I had to do was get friended by the first three, and then the doors opened up for me to get in and find folks.

At the same time, the question is good and bad. Bad because it shows me that these kids still do think they're unfindable on Myspace, which is the biggest danger, but good because it lets me keep up the image that I know everything. Which is a tradition passed to me by my youth minister, who was quite proud of it.

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what is your myspace?