Make sure you eat!

I keep running into people who are skipping meals, so I have a couple more suggestions. Both of these have been recommended by fellow youth workers and tried by the Rookie.

Breakfast and lunch both today came from Java Jive on Fifth, the coffee shop at the corner of the Hilton Austin Hotel. That's sort of a gimme for food, but both the cheese Danish and chicken Caesar were tolerable, there was jazz playing and I got to eat outside and read a book and people-watch. For the map-aholics among us (points at self) it's 500 E. 4th St., 78701

For dinner, about six of us made our way to the Mongolian Grille, at 2nd and Jacinto. In fact, from the south doors of the convention center, you can nearly see the building, directly across the street from P.F. Chang's. I was nervous about dinner because the last time I went to one of these places, I managed to mess up my own dinner pretty badly. See, Mongolian BBQ means, for the uninitiated, you pick your own ingredients and sauces and they cook it in front of you live. Which is cool, but I don't know anything about sauces for Chinese food. The neat thing about the Mongolian Grille here in Austin is that they have a whole set of recipes for sauces you can make that work, and I followed one. So it was great. Mongolian Grille is at 117 San Jacinto Blvd., 78701

If anyone's in need of lunch tomorrow, or sticking around, check them out!

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