NYWC Austin: Day 2 Part 2

Where to start? This has been such a full day, I can't even decide what to post about tonight. So, here's a bit of my stream of consciousness about what I've heard today.

On the David Crowder Band leading worship: Only Crowder can be Crowder. But in worship, we can all be Crowder-like.

Buster Soaries' quote: "I don't work with teenagers much anymore. People ask why, and I tell them it's because I keep getting older and they always stay the same age." The serious thought this triggered: so all departments need to be such good friends that we can track students, and stay in contact with the ones we connect with, from children's ministry to youth to young adult to campus ministries to their adult lives. How can church departments, and various congregations, become good enough friends to make that happen?

Watching the incredibly varied crowd of youth ministers walking out of sessions: All together, we have the talents, personality and common interests, to connect with every student on earth. How much of a travel budget would I need to bring everyone else to my church to prove it?

Hearing Mike Pilavichi's quote, "These aren't disciples at all... they're just consumers!" I thought, "I bet that's my fault." Mike goes on, "And then thought, 'who made them that way? I made them that way.'" I about fell out of my chair: "I guessed he was going to say that! And we're both right!"


tomcottar said...

One of the best things Buster said, I thought, was towards the end when he said 'The nursery is messy, and the grave is nice and tidy...let's keep to the messy.'

Great blog!

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Amen! I heard Buster about ten years ago as a youth group member, and he's just as powerful, which is awesome. Glad you're here, and I'll be praying for you!