Sunday Poll (on Monday, sorry!)

I love it when this happens, but unfortunately it also illustrates a dilemma.

One of the parents who served as a greeter for our students yesterday sent an email this morning that included this thought: "I had to turn down several middle school students who wanted to sign up for a [high school] service project. Can we ask someone to plan an event at the same place that the middle school students can do?"

Here's the question: I tend to set up a calendar so the younger students have some events that they hear about before they're old enough to do them, as a way to build up anticipation for them. But there's also some value in having parallel programming for them so they have the same kinds of experiences as the older students and start building them up as a lifestyle.

When you're working on a calendar, do you program the same kinds of events for both middle and high school students; do you plan one set of events they can do together; or do you have specific events that are just for each age group?

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Brett said...

I am from the camp in which we program service projects once a month that involve both the senior high and the junior high, but when it comes to things like conferences, games, whatnot, we try to plan only once a quarter for those things, attempting to emphasize time at home with family, virtually no cost, and as yo usaid, build up anticipation for the Senior High events.