More Austin Landmarks, edible and otherwise

This city, the "live music capital of the world," just blows me away. Today my food budget did not take much of a hit, as I slept in, skipped breakfast to make gen. session #3 on time, then went to a free lunch and a free dinner sponsored by various folks.

Lunch was at Stubb's BBQ, hosted by Indie Community, a group that collects musicians, speakers, and the resources to connect them to churches and other venues. My dad sent me an email this morning that closed "You're in Texas, son. Eat barbecue." Stubbs put out chicken and beef sandwiches with a house sauce, potato salad, and spicy beans. Great basic Texas food; the place is really neat too; there's a big stage out back for visiting musicians, and a roof deck, which I'm starting to think is required by Texas building code!

At dinner, Marty and I visited St. David's Episcopal Church, for a youth pastors' dinner hosted by the Diocese of Texas. The church is a really exciting place; the other event the dinner was for was a fundraiser for their youth ministry's connection to Malawi, where the church is getting ready to send its second pilgrimage. They served barbecued chicken and beef brisket, coleslaw, potato salad, and peach cobbler with ice cream. If anyone's looking for a close (walking distance, easily) worship service in the morning, they have seven of them, starting at 8am. The "Bells of Joy" performed; they're a long-established Austin gospel group-- in fact, the first black gospel group to sell 1 million copies of a song. It was called "Talk About Jesus" and one of the members who was the band then, in 1951, still sings with them. St. David's address is 304 E. 7th St. 78701 (7th and Jacinto).

And I'm on my way, later tonight, to a place recommended by a couple of youth ministers I met at dinner, called Koriente. It's a Korean restaurant started by a mom who didn't want to cook, so wanted to take her kids out to eat, but couldn't find good food. (This must have been a while ago.) They're a small, inexpensive place with a huge flower garden and, according to their website "are one of the only Austin restaurants to offer free parking!" Koriente is at 621 E. 7th St., 78701.

Here's your delicious fix of Austin for today!

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