NYWC To-Do List: The Rest

Okay, I've been away from the screen (today's main post covers why) and realized I need to put my NYWC to-do list in one post.
It's almost time for the National Youth Workers' Convention in Austin, TX, hosted by Youth Specialties-- what can I do today to get ready?

Eight Days: Read through the Youth Specialties website and decide which books and resources I must have. Begin pre-writing notes for receipts to explain why each one is vital and why the church's Stewardship campaign this year should support my book habit, rather than the repair of the church roof.

Seven Days: Borrow a ginormous Texas-shaped belt buckle from Andrew M so I can fit it with the locals.

Six Days: Start a pool with the readers of the Rookie Youth Worker to guess which odd instrument the David Crowder Band will be featuring this year.

Five Days: Start an all-jalapeno diet so I can appreciate the rich diversity of Tex-Mex food.

Four Days: Practice the guitar for 13 hours so that even though Group Magazine recently busted the myth of the perfect youth worker (goatee, guitar and God) I can still pretend to be one. There's got to be someone at the convention who still believes!

Three Days: Buy sample sized everything. For two reasons: one, to carry it onto the plane without any hassle, and two, I'll be in a new town where no one knows me-- I can finally see if Axe body spray works the way the commercials (and my middle schoolers) say it does, without worrying the church council.

Two Days: Print new business cards to take with me. Debate whether the title line should read "Shepherd of Souls" or "Deputy Jesus."

One Day: Get no sleep. Give all clothes the sniff test to make sure they're not too gross (hey, just came off a big weekend here; lots of ministry, little laundry). Find chargers for laptop, digital camera, cell phone, Palm Pilot, and electric razor. Put all chargers in a bag and hide them so all the gadgets can die on the second day. I'm not there to work, after all!

FIRST DAY OF NYWC! Get on a plane early in the morning, fly to Austin. Attend Critical Concerns Course to justify spending whole year's education budget, then let the relaxation/networking/sharing of war stories begin!

Thank you, Youth Specialties, for hosting the convention each year! You guys rock!

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