What becomes a tradition

What's special about this foam coffee cup? It's inside out, and unbroken. A student in Escanaba showed me how to do this, and I brought it along to St. Louis when we needed to kill time before the Christmas pageant, and just the other day I joked that we're going to need a budget line for coffee cups because so many of our students try this every week.

Last week, a parent was standing with me and two of our students, watching them try and turn cups inside out, and asked how it was done. This is one of those little things that gets addictive fast. On Sunday, this adult walked up to me and handed me this cup with the best expression on his face.

It's little shared experiences like these that are the glue of relationships.


maggen said...

it's a shame you live so far away, otherwise i'd probably be askign you the next time i saw you to show me how to do it too! very fun.

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Maggen: It's actually not hard (at least to get started; the last steps are tricky!) You start at the bottom, curling the little edge so the cup bottom starts to fold up into the cup. Then you just keep going, little by little, folding a bit more of the cup around every time. The rim is where it gets hard-- this one worked because Mark flattened it out and slowly curled it around itself. If that helps.