I love my job... I love myjob... I love my job...

(There's actually a little dance that goes along with that subject line; I call it the "I love my job dance.")

This past weekend we took our mission trip crew out to Trout Lodge (YMCA of the Ozarks Camp, totally worth going to if you're close and in need of a camp!) for a team-building day, and at lunch I had the following conversation.

(Isaac puts short pointed French fries under his top lip for vampire fangs and youth group cracks up.)
Isaac: When I have kids, I am going to encourage them to play with their food! In fact, they'll be grounded if they don't...
A few minutes later, Brooke (8th grade boy) is telling me about his school orchestra.
Brooke: You know, in 10th grade our orchestra is going to Italy for two weeks.
(Isaac very carefully puts his napkin down and looks over.)
Isaac: Please tell your school I am available to chaperone.
Bart: (another leader, sitting next to Isaac) Please tell them I am available to chaperone, and I don't play with my food!

So I got trumped. But I love my job, and one of the things I love best is being in a group of people who are comfortable enough to tease each other and can absorb a few gentle jokes at their own expense.

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