Jesus the race-car driver, Christians the pit crew

From an article in the Christian Science Monitor on the popularity of racing pit-crew competitions: "The Mechanic as Sports Hero"

"For all their growing notoriety, however, the best pit crew members know that their ultimate goal is not one of individual canonization but the success of the team in getting their car to the checkered flag."

This is what we're truly after as we train students to become disciples; that they will be the most skilled servants they possibly can be. We're making pit crews, not celebrity drivers, and this trend toward celebrating the techs who make the victories possible may help us defeat the attitude of me-ness we're seeing, even in all the echelons of ministry.

"Call it the Olympics for the wrench set. Since drivers about a decade ago started tuning pit crews as finely as their stock cars, pit row has become a central focus on the NASCAR circuit. Teams know that what happens in the few fiber-optic seconds a car pulls in can influence the outcome of a race nearly as much as the driver can."

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