The Ultimate Outsource

Found this link today on the blog for Arizona State University's Intervarsity chapter.

Outsourcing Prayer to India

Well worth the read and subsequent irritated confusion.

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maggen said...

i've seen that article before and it continues to mystify me that we send our prayers to a country with a 2% Christian population becasue we dont' have peopel here to pray. I'm all for international prayer.. prayer is great and it helps remind us that we are part of the KINGDOM, not just our own congregation....

on a totaly dif. note.... i'm incharge of organizing a new high schoolyouth group at my church (i think i've mentioned it to you before) everythign from finding a place to meet to activities to calling parents and kids to get them to come and let them know what's up to gathering support from the congregation... you get the idea....soo..... any thoughts or sugestions as to how to start (i'm lookign for mostly what to say to parents, how to encourage kids and get them to bring friends and what activities are great for fellowship building that will lead well into a Bible study, things that will get them there so that they get hooked and come back for more scripture... that kind of thing. thoughts? ideas? any and all ideas will be great :o)