Welcome to the Sidebar-- May 26, 2006

Two adds to the sidebar blogs list today; I've been watching these two pages for a little while now and forgetting to put them on the list and announce them to you.

One of my favorite things to do is discover other thinking people and read what's on their minds. Double bonus when those thoughts are so clearly in the lens of faith.

Michael Blewett, ("Under God's Fingernails") is an associate rector here at CSMSG and I respect him as a teacher, father, and guide for this congregation and his family. He finds theology (thoughts about God) in a lot of things (like parenthood) that I hope I'll appreciate when I reach them. And you have to love a priest whose first blog post is about hot bacon dip (which, having had in person, I completely endorse!)

Joe Johnson, ("Joe Johnson's Observatory") filed a comment on my intellectual property entry and I've been stopping by his blog off and on ever since. He's had posts recently on "Purpose Driven" stuff, Sufjan Stevens (a musician who's been making my favorites list lately) and a group of students, reported here in the NY Times, who evangelized in their schools with posters saying "JES S: All that's missing is U."

Who do you read? I tend to find worthy blogs by accident; a little guidance from my astute readers would be great!

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