The Rookie's Library: May 19, 2006

What I'm Reading:

"Life of Pi" by Yann Martel, (C) 2003 Harvest Books, ISBN 0156027321-- I picked up this book in the church library, intrigued by the idea in the cover blurb that the main character loved God and struggled to honor not only Christianity, which he discovered, but also Hinduism and Islam, which were in his heritage. I'm only slowly getting into it, though.

"The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Henri Nouwen, (C) 1994 Image, ISBN 0385473079 -- Nouwen was recommended to me in a class I took here at the church over Lent, and has a way of getting inside one's head. He mananges to bridge the gap between very traditional theology and a modern audience that has been taught to doubt traditional explanations. He pulls both worlds together admirably. This book was inspired by Rembrandt's painting, and is a series of essays on discovering God's love through the many perspectives of the characters in the parable.

"12 Dynamic Bible Study Methods" by Richard Warren, (C) 1986 Victor Books, ISBN 0882078151-- a set of methods for studying the Bible-- imagine that! Each one focuses on a different aspect of Bible study and uses a different set of tools for achieving the one goal of the book-- taking Scripture from the Bible and applying it into the believer's life. (Out of print.)

What I'm Watching:

"Everybody Loves Raymond"

"The King of Queens"

(Note about both shows: honestly, there's a difference between showing adults as flawed people in need of grace from the people around them and characters going out of their way to flaunt their flaws. I'm reaching my saturation point with both programs.)

What I'm Hearing:

JoyFM in St. Louis, Internet stream

"Stories of a Stranger" album by O.A.R

"Greetings from Michigan" album by Sufjan Stevens

Where I'm Sending Articles/Proposals

The Journal of Student Ministries

Episcopal Life


hamo said...

hven't read ;life of pi yet, but keep meaning to.

let me know if you reckon its any good.

i hear good things, but every time i pick it up it doesn't look such an enjoyable read!

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Life of Pi is one of those books that every student in the world has read for school.

One of the angles that stuck it in my head was the Christian/Hindu/Muslim mix; on a mission trip to Toronto last year one of my students met a woman who practiced both Christianity and Islam and so I want to see how the story handles it, because it made for a tough conversation on the way home.