The Yellow Marshmallow Gospel

I had my first marshmallow Peep of the Easter season today, and inspired by this bit of sugary goodness, I decided to find a way that Peeps reflect the Christian life.

When they're fresh out of the package, Peeps are soft. They don't resist when you bite them. If you squash them, they pop quickly back to their original shape.

But leave them on the counter for a couple of days and let them experience the world, and they toughen up. They're even better to eat that way. And you can use them for more than just eating-- propping open doors, and holding toothpicks on the Easter veggie plate.

New Christians are like Peeps-- they haven't seen a lot of the things Jesus warned us would happen, and if they're squashed by the hardship that comes to His followers, they frequently pop back to their original condition. But leave them out for a bit, while they soak in the world and the tests God has in store for us, and suddenly they're good for more than eating. They're tougher, for one thing, and more resistant to pressure. They hold up under the hard work of being a disciple. But they still look fresh and yellow, because the light of Christ glows out of every believer, both old and new!

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Esther said...

That's a creative way of expressing the gospel. I can't eat peeps anymore, but I always did like them best when they had turned stale.