When people think of the church...

...this is what I want them to say.

From the May 2006 issue of INTERIM, the newspaper for the Diocese of Missouri, in PDF here:

"When our group arrived in Lui and Deborah, (a member on a six-month mission in Lui) saw all the goodies we had brought, she was amazed. She had told some people that many, many people in Lui needed drugstore-style reading glasses. Well, someone(s?) in the Diocese of Missouri had gone out and bought over 100 pairs of glasses, which we transported with us. And she had expressed the clergy's desire for clergy shirts, and we had bought something like a dozen. And she had told of the need for fabric, and fabric we had brought. She was just about overwhelmed. She told many people, including many Mori friends, "I declare! If I had told them we needed ice cubes, they would have found a way to get them here." --Lisa Fox

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