Something to read this morning

Mark Moring at Christianity Today Movies offers a brilliant tongue-in-cheek commentary on how Christians should deal with the Da Vinci Code. Here's a quote to set the stage:

AARRGGHH! Another interruption! But it's not the phone or my PC. It's a still, small voice inside …
"I'm not afraid of The Da Vinci Code," the voice says. "Sure, it's full of lies, but I've had worse things said and written about me, and I've come out just fine. And besides, I love Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, and everyone associated with this movie. You've seen the tagline on their trailer and poster: Seek the truth. They're all just seeking the truth, and I am that truth. They're looking for me. I can still be found."

Personally, I'm torn about the movie, but not because of its content or potential challenges to faith. I welcome those. What I'm bothered about is that the book was such artless, formulaic schlock that the movie can't, in the end, better tell the story (movies so rarely do) and I'm not sure I want to put myself through it again.

And I was thrilled, as a person of Nordic descent, to see both last week's "Frazz" cartoon about the proper pronounciation of the word "Sauna" and the Language Log's commentary on it, including a few items of discussion from the good ol' Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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