Welcome to the Sidebar 4/28/06

Checking the RYW blog for comments and new readers this morning, I found another worthy blog, the link to which now lives in the Sidebar under "Blogs I Read." It's "A Youth Minister's Journey," authored by Dan Boles of Marietta, GA.

AYMJ carries a good sense of what we're really up to in youth ministry; building up Christ's church and knocking down any barriers to that buildup that we find on our way. Since the unity of the Body is one of my greatest passions, I was really pleased to find this quote:

"Will we ever come to see the day when we celebrate our denominational beliefs in such a way that recognizes denominational heritage and history, but also no longer obscure community in Christ? Will we ever see the day when we are fed through the Universal Church's visible "oneness?"

Welcome to the Sidebar, Dan!

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