Easter Egg Hunt

I have been enjoying a rest during Holy Week and a grand celebration of the Feast of Easter. Thus I don't apologize for my lack of posts this past week, but I do explain them.

On Easter Sunday, I went to lunch with three families, two related ones from CSMSG and a set of their friends. After the first round of food and a game or two of cribbage, we went out for an Easter egg hunt. In pairs, one blindfolded and one sighted, we wandered through the yard looking for our treasures. The person with the blindfold picked up the eggs, led to them by the voice and directions of the guide.

It takes a lot of concentration to be a guide. You have to be focused very sharply on your partner and the ground around her. You need to be aware of your own steps, your partner's path, the obstacles and the other players.

Done this way, the Easter egg hunt is a very spiritual thing. God, after all, is completely aware of where we stand and what is between us and our goal. We, because of our human nature and the distractions of our world, are blindfolded. When we find spiritual treasures, it is not because we could clearly see them ourselves (for now we see in a mirror dimly) but because God led us to them.

This Easter season I challenge two things; first, that we become aware of our blindfolds and the dependence on God they require of us. Second, that we celebrate all the more when we find the surprises God has left on the ground for us, because we have such a loving guide who doesn't leave us to fumble around on our own, but walks with us and whispers directions.

Christ is risen! Have a blessed Easter season.

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