They don't always say what you want them to...

The middle school students were just starting to flow into the gym yesterday for our second round of their youth group when I saw one of them on the phone. Her dad had dropped her off five minutes before and I was mingling around and saying hi to everyone while a few of my favorite YouTube videos were going on the screen. Since I'd never seen anyone else's phone work in our gym, I took a step over to ask how good the service was, and overheard this:

"There are weird people here, will you come and get me?"


Anonymous said...

Did this kid end up leaving? Did you you talk to him/her?


Isaac, The Rookie said...

She stayed, actually; dad apparently said "No way" on the other end of the phone, and some friends of hers arrived shortly after that, and then things were okay.


Anonymous said...

Man, I totally know how that feels, I took a bunch of guys I have been working with to an outreach night, apparently the hip hop dancing was going to be good. It was a freakshow for them, they see all these people hugging each other and they are like, "is that guy gay?" then when the hell fire preacher started we all walked out. I lost all credibility with the kids and their parents.
A fair number of them haven't come back since. God bless you bro, the church needs outreach type people to wake them up. www.epicaz.i8.com/stories.html has the whole story