Sometimes we hear the Gospel...

...and sometimes we are the Gospel.

I walked into church yesterday and ran into two students who I see every week. One's first words to me were, "Can I borrow your car?"

"No," I said. "Why?" Students ask this all the time, for whatever reason. I've got my answer very well-rehearsed.

"So-and-so isn't here, and I want to go get him." She actually used his real name, but I won't.

"Great," I said, pulling out my car keys, "Let's go."

So we went. We got lost, and we played on a skateboard (while we waited for so-and-so) and we almost went to McDonald's for breakfast, and we got back just in time to get some Jesus and get to class.

So-and-so didn't hear the sermon, but what he knows is that people at church notice when he isn't there, and that makes us miss him, and that makes us do something about his absence. I didn't hear the sermon either, but four of my kids got to see that I will reach out for them even if reaching into their lives interrupts mine.


Thoughts from a serial youth pastor said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog over the last week. There's some really good stuff on it. My comment about this post would e did you take someone else with you in the car?

Thoughts from a serial youth pastor said...

I have been reading your blog for a week now. There's some good stuff on it. My question is did you take someone else with you or was it just you and her?

Coffee Bean said...

sweet. very sweet.

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Actually, yes, there were three of us in the car when we went to pick up the other guy.

Having another person along is a best practice that's very rarely broken here; if it's a necessity to drive one-on-one, both staff supervisors (my priest) and the kid's parents know what the story is and approve it, and we check in by phone when we arrive at the destination and before we leave, so everyone involved knows when to expect us.

Thanks for reading, and for the catch!