The Rookie's Library August 3, 2006

What I'm Reading:

"Enter a Murderer" by Ngaio Marsh, (C) 1998 St. Martin's Press ISBN 0312966709 (Every year or so I'll read a mystery novel that kicks off a whole month or more of reading mystery novels; this one's set in a theater so it had a double appeal for me, but won't spark a big read.)

"Sixy Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong" by Jean-Benoit Nadeau and Julie Barlow, (C) 2003 Sourcebooks Inc. ISBN 1402200455 (It's a study in why France is the way it is, and it's a fascinating read. There's so much history and insight that makes France unique.)

"A Brief History of Time" by Dr. Stephen Hawking, (C) 1988 Bantam ISBN 0553346148 (This is next on my reading list but the book on France is going so quickly I'll definitely be opening this one up in the next couple of days.)

What I'm Watching:

Shark Week! on Discovery Channel
Modern Marvels on the History Channel

What I'm Hearing:

Relient K-- multiple albums
Carbon Leaf-- multiple albums

Number of cat toys Louie's played with to the point of losing this week: 4


ceanachaela said...

hey! i almost purchased the book on the french to have something to read in teh airport in hong kong :o) nice to know the book is as good as it looked, since i plan to check it out from the library when i get all settled in (i'm back from india... check my bog for a post in a few days...)

a book you might like (kind of historical,, but so are some of the ones you listed...) is "a history if knowledge" i started it before i left for india and if you like histoyr of thought and culture, you'd probablylike it :o)

hope all's well :o)

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Thanks! The book on the French comes with an enthusiastic recommendation from me; it comes close to being a straight academic study at a couple of points, but these are people who lived there and became part of the place and their stories are of people whose lives make up the study.

I have seen/heard of "History of Knowledge" but I'm trying to remember if I've read it-- will definitely check it out!