The Rookie's Library 8-24-06

What I'm Reading:

"Orbiting the Giant Hairball: A Corporate Fool's Guide to Surviving with Grace" by Gordon MacKenzie, (C) Viking Penguin 1998, ISBN 0670879835 (This is a book on maintaining creativity within a corporate culture that was recommended by Marko over on his blog. I'm about halfway through it and loving every page; the parish I serve has a lot of corporate-type structures in it.)

"Everything I know about Business I learned from Monopoly" by Alan Axelrod (C) Running Press 2002, ISBN 0762413271 (There's a theme in my books this week; the Monopoly book happened to be on the shelf just at eye level next to the Hairball book. I love Monopoly and also love finding useful lessons in ordinary things, so this was a very happy accident to find.)

What I'm Watching:

"Eureka" on SciFi-- the tagline "Every small town has its secrets, but in the town of Eureka, the secrets are top secret!" nearly got me; it was the talking house that hooked me for good.

"Who Wants to be a Superhero?" also on SciFi-- since I was there already, I decided to check out what Stan Lee's up to. Look for a blog post more specifically about this concept!

"Snakes on a Plane" on the big screen-- it's a B-movie. So long as you know that...

Places I went in StL last week that I haven't been since I moved here:

The St. Louis Art Museum (they have mummies-- three of them!)

The St. Louis History Museum

Ted Drewes' Frozen Custard-- ahhhh... drooling...


Kathy said...

I caught a marathon of Who Wants to be a Superhero? last week and got kinda hooked. It's so ridiculous it's amusing, especially the bad acting. :-p

Isaac, The Rookie said...

"Superhero" is one of those shows that's so silly it's brilliant. It's all about grown-ups who truly haven't lost their wonder, but at the same time have all the cynicism and competitiveness of regular modern adults. I'd love to walk down the street and see a whole crowd of people in super-suits, just for the novelty, too!