Good Reads Today

Reuters ran this article through Yahoo yesterday on a retired British gentleman whose video blog became one of the most popular clips on YouTube last week. The news service was amazed because the site is dominated by teens/college age students and the man hadn't expected to connect with them. This gives me a lot of hope for cross-generational ministry, if we can get older people to reach out and share themselves with our students.

I'm a big fan of things that make sense, so here's a column that ran on McSweeney's a while back. The title sets it up nicely: "If the Head Counselor at my old Summer Camp wrote a Household Q&A Column"

This is what I had for dinner last night. Eat it. It will make you feel all good inside.

One of my students this past spring tried to convince me that Jesus historically HAD TO have a beard-- there was no way around it. She dug out some vague verses in Isaiah that sort of supported her. So this post at The Complex Christ blog caught my eye. It's about different styles of beard marking different kinds of churches.

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