Armor of God PJs

Saw this in an email from my friend Ceci yesterday and had to post it. These are the "Armor of God pajamas" designed to help kids remember that they're protected by all sorts of attributes of God when they go to sleep. Or maybe just a way to make some spare cash off Christians. But the idea's an interesting one, and since I'm all about using simple everyday things to connect our simple everyday lives to the sacred, if they made them in my size I would own them. Although the helmet and shield might be less than comfortable.


theoquest said...

Sweet! The 'pillow' of faith could double as a pew cushion for those lengthy sermons on how Jesus kisses away all our boo-boos.

Jenna said...

as a youth minister myself, I am lovin your blog! I will keep coming back!


Brian said...

Congrats on making the YS Featured Blog!

Nice blog!

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Thanks, all! I have so much fun writing this blog and I'm glad you've enjoyed it. This is going to be an exciting year for the Rookie Youthworker!