World Traveling

In the past weekish, I have passed by/through the towns of:

Peru (IL)
El Paso (IL)
Normal (IL)
Bangor (MI)
Shelbyville (MI)
and Atlanta (MI)

I am world traveling in just five states, and that makes me happy!


Anonymous said...

With a little variation in your route you could have gone through Paris, MI also.

Kathy said...

With a little more variation, you could have passed within a few miles of Holland as well! :)

maggen said...

hey... prayer request for you... i leave for a missions trip in india on monday and will be gone till the 5th of aug. I'm in the process of sending out prayer requests for the trip, so if you think of it and could say a prayer (or two) for my trip and travels and the work God has for me in india.... it would be great....

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Thanks, all-- I have to add Brazil, IN to the list today, since I stopped there.

Maggen, no prob-- you'll be prayed all the way there and back.