Mission Trip 2006

Hi Everyone:

It's 5:30 in the morning, and in two hours CSMSG's youth mission trip leaves my dear friend and colleague Marty C's house for West Virginia. I won't be able to blog this week-- if you're new to the Rookie, I suggest using that time to read through the archives and unearth the treasures that are there, or take a look at the excellent blogs I recommend in my links.

Your prayers for this trip are also really appreciated, as I have the following potentially amusing situations in the van with me:

A guy who's crushing on a girl who I'm positive has a thing for a second guy, all mission trippers.
Three students who before last week had never met the rest of the mission trip crew.
A guy I keep getting told doesn't like (as in, angrily doesn't like) another guy on the trip.
And a girl who's scared-to-death intimidated of another girl, although she keeps telling me it's okay now.

As I keep telling Marty, God will draw to each event the ones He wants to be there, and will help us to discern His purposes and minister with them all, so we'll definitely come back different people.

All God's blessings on you this week!


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