Jesus said to them, "There was a widow who lived in a certain town and used to go to the judge in that town every day to ask for redress of her grievances. The judge was hard-hearted and respected neither God nor man, and would send her away. But finally he said to himself "Before she wears me out by constantly coming to me with these complaints, I will give her what she wants."

I remembered this story because I spent yesterday evening visiting bowling alleys trying to find one that was open, because a major goal of my vacation this week was to go bowling, since I would have people handy in every town where I stopped to bowl with.

We checked six of them, all of which were closed and one of which literally closed and turned its lights off as E and A and I were pulling in. But today my persistence paid off, since C and E had one handy that was not only open, but also very non-busy.

Small things amuse me and make me think about God. Many blessings on all of you today!

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