Read It: "What's Your Power?"

CSMSG's mission trip crew takes off tomorrow for West Virginia, and the amount of work that trip takes is keeping me from having much original content this week, but I did find a good post over at Rev. Michael Blewett's blog, called "What's Your Power." It talks about the X-Men movie that came out earlier this summer and asks this question:

"Are Christians mutants? I think we are; if we aren’t, then we should be. I had a daydream leaving the movie theatre. People were milling about in coffee hour asking each other, “What’s your power?” Some had gifts of healing, prophecy, or mercy. Others manifested powers to calm distress, access abundance, and hear into the hearts of others. Still others did things that are only known within the creative Mind of Christ. Everyone had power, everyone knew their power, and everyone used their power."

Check out Michael's post today; it's worth the read and I wish I'd written it myself!

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