The Rookie's Library July 11, 2006

What I'm Reading:

"The Non-Runner's Book" by Vic Ziegel and Lewis Grossberger, (C) 1978 Collier Books ISBN 0020409206

"A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy" by Miyamoto Musashi, (C) 1988 Gramercy Press ISBN 0517415283

"Bert Bacharach's Book for Men" by Bert Bacharach, (C) 1953 Barnes ASIN B0007E4KSC

"The Hero Within: Six Archetypes we Live By" by Carol S. Pearson, PhD (C) 1998 HarperSanFrancisco ISBN 0062515551

What I'm Hearing:

Jonathan Rundman and Beki Hemingway, "Tennesota" album

John Reuben, "The Boy vs. the Cynic" album

K.T. Tunstall, "Eye to the Telescope" album

How many times I got lost on my vacation: 0
How many times I got lost in St. Louis after vacation: 2

What I'm Sending to Camp:

Fudgy Oatmeal Bars-- the classic, and what everyone asked for when I was there


Anonymous said...

So...Do you have a recipe for those, or were they the ones from the box? Mom

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Mwahahahaha-- wouldn't you love to know that? I do in fact have a recipe, which I have not deviated from since I started making these...