When you give a student a project...

(Posts here at the RYW blog have been a little sparse this week and I apologize for that; CSMSG's fall kickoff is on Sunday and of course at every meeting we remember something else or think of something that would be really cool, so a lot of my time is being spent on getting ready and practicing for Sunday. But that project does lead me to a post about three things I do when I give a student a project...)

1. When I give a student a project, I occasionally bite my nails from stress when it comes in a little closer to the deadline than I like to think I would have done it. But frequently the extra time means the student was more of a perfectionist than me, and wanted it to look just right.

2. When I give a student a project, the idea doesn't come back in exactly the form I'd envisioned. But that student is more in touch with how my kids think, and more aware of what's likely to catch attention, and with fresh eyes can see how to get the message across in its new form.

3. When I give a student a project, I sometimes worry about what the content will look like. Will he know which video clips to pick? What if he uses the ones that are funny to the people in it, but not to the adults in the room? Or an inside joke that only makes sense to the people who went last year? Or manages to pick the one place where the youth minister says something slightly inappropriate? But I gave some guidelines, after all, didn't I; and the reason I chose this particular student is because of what it will mean to him, and the rest of my group, to have this ownership of the project, and how he will shoulder this responsibility, as a precursor to the others his faith will lay on him.

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