Cardboard Upright Bass

This guy has found a truly useful way to spend his free time; this kind of imagination is what our ministries need! I love the idea...


ceanachaela said...

i'm looking for ideas.
My church is starting a high school youth group that i will be leading. We've got a great study that we are using, but in addition to Bible study time, i want there to be a getting to know eachother, hang out fellowship type time.

suggestions/ideas for the last part (or where to find ideas) would be greatly appreciated since my ideas currently include only a very short list of "get to now you games"

Ideas? (Or ideas for anything special to do with the first few meetings?)

Isaac, The Rookie said...

Ice-breakers and games are great; there's a huge library of resources like that at www.youthministry.com.

You might also think about putting in a partner-type activity (pray with a partner, quick discussion questions for groups of 2-3-4, that kind of thing) to get to know each other.

CSMSG's group, starting this year, focuses every meeting around a project that serves one of the ministries of the church; working together on something gives a nice touchstone for discussion of the lessons later on and some great "remember when" moments that help the group bond.

That's the beginning of my list; check out the website I listed to grab a whole variety of things. Hope it helps; anyone else, feel free to chime in!