The Rookie's LIbrary

What I'm Reading:

"Why We Buy" and "The Call of the Mall" by Paco Underhill (describing himself as a "retail anthropologist," Underhill examines motivations for shopping and geography that makes the optimum sales experience possible. As a culture junkie, I'm fascinated and tempted to study anthropology.)

"Cool Comfort" by Marsha E. Ackermann (it's a history of air conditioning and why we love it so much; at the same time, there are a lot of odd and jarring details about the reasons such a system was ever invented-- grab the book!)

What I'm Hearing:

Leonard Cohen, "I'm Your Man" Album

Sanctus Real, "The Face of Love" album

Carbon Leaf, "Love Loss Hope Repeat" album

Scriptures I'm using for talks this weekend:

Acts 8, Philip and the Ethiopian Official ("how will I know unless someone explains it?" for Confirmation class.)

Passages from 2 Samuel (how King David worshipped God in every moment, also using Brother Lawrence's "Practice of the Presence of God")

Best Question from a student:

"How religious will it be?" (talking about the 9th grade lockin)


Anonymous said...

jon rundman's got a sweet song about the ethiopian eunuch that you might be able to use. or enjoy. -kaho

Isaac, The Rookie said...

K, lad, what's it called?