Blindfolded Evangelism

When I came home and opened my mailbox at the end of last week, I found a manila envelope addressed to "Our friends at... [my address]" and nothing else. No return address, no hint of what was inside. They say not to open packages like this, so I waited a couple of days. Actually, I stuck it in my bag and forgot about it until Saturday. When I opened it, I found a book inside called "Ten Commandments Twice Removed" with a handwritten comment on the front cover: "A MUST READ!"

Nothing else. No information on who sent it, no listing of church services I could attend, no suggestion that the sender is praying for me and those prayers prompted the gift.

This was about the single least effective way to evangelize I've ever seen. Not only do I not know who's trying to reach me, I've been given no challenge to connect with any church, or even with Christ!

For all I know, someone noticed this blog, dug around to find my mailing address, and sent me the book in hopes that I would review it.

DON'T DO THIS! Whoever it was, stop anonymously sending fundamentalist Christian books through the mail. Don't blindfold your evangelism! You can build a connection with me-- you have the technology-- it just takes a more personal approach.

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