The Rookie's Library March 12, 2006

What I'm Reading:

"Coming of Age" by David Anderson, Paul Hill and Rollie Martinson (C) 2006 Augsburg Fortress, ISBN 0806652241

"The Once And Future King" by T. H. White, (C) 1958 Putnam ISBN 399105972

"Laugh-Eteria" by Douglas Florian, (C) 2000 Penguin Books ISBN 0141309903

What I'm Watching:

"The Secret Life Of..." on Food Network

"Ham On the Street" on Food Network

"How William Shatner Changed the World" on History Channel

What I'm Hearing:

Peder Eide's "The Reason We Live" album

ConGRADulations 2006 CD from Interlinc

Where I'm Training:

Youth Specialties' theCORE event

What I Wish I'd said out loud this week:

"Well, duh!"

"If wishes were horses, I'd have a big mess to clean up."

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