Pick Brains, Not Noses!

Okay, so on the way to work this morning I was driving through the intersection at Southwest Ave., and this guy in a shiny silver Honda SUV comes through it the other way with his index finger shoved thoroughly up his nose and digging around... while it's weird to think of your car as a public place, it really is, and there are some things you just don't do in public.

On the other hand, there are several things I found this morning that I am very happy their authors chose to share.

A post on Backyard Missionary asks us two questions: Are teenagers really responding to the Gospel? and If they are, what Gospel is it, exactly? Marko has a great read on the topic-- his post is nearly as long as the original thought, and both are well worth reading, as are the comments on both.

On the Other Foot has an article that captures what we need to teach teenage boys about becoming men:

"Between the contradictory role models of "new-age sensitive man" and "clueless Tim-Taylor man," it's no wonder today's boys don't know what a man looks like. I'll give you a hint: neither one is accurate, because they're both self-centered and immature. The one is whiny, the other overblown, but both of them are completely missing what a man is and does. "

And two more worthy sites joined the Sidebar this week: The Brick Testament (the Bible story built of Legos) and Bookcrossing.com, which encourages users to tag and release good books into the wild, then track their travels with other readers through the website.

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