Coming Up This Week

I have several ideas in advance for blog posts this week, and that's unusual all by itself! To give myself a way to remember them, and you the reader a chance to chime in on details you'd like to see or questions I should look into on these topics, I'll post several possible topics today. Jump in with possible angles, sources or advance comments!

  • Why ever Christian's life should be like an action/adventure series. Marko has a Foxtrot cartoon on his blog that got this one started in my mind.
  • "Cheerleader Nation" on Lifetime gets reviewed and poked at as full of examples of bad parenting, consumerism, unhealthiness and other things that are actively wrong with God's world today.
  • The dangers of learning exclusively, even mostly, from peers (another Myspace-inspired topic)
  • I will also review, in the near future, the movie "V for Vendetta" and the book "Generation Debt: Why Now is a Terrible Time to be Young"

Who's reading good stuff that should wind up in the Rookie's Library?

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