Reusing (clothes, anyway) catching on

A while ago I read an article about how while recycling had gotten trendy over the past few years, no one's ever paid much attention to the "reduce" and "reuse" parts of the original triangle.

I'm a proud Goodwill shopper and talk about donating clothes and buying used with my kids fairly often, as a form of stewardship, and some of the folks (guys especially) I talk to are really uncomfortable with it. Since every designer store in the world, it seems, has a location in St. Louis, this story caught my eye today:

"Back to school shoppers stock up at resale stores"

"While parents are increasingly shopping resale, another trend is on the horizon: Teenage shoppers, who once never would have set foot in such stores, also are on the rise."Being green is cool, and we are in the recycling business," Maurice said. "Definitely the attitude (among teens) has changed. Also the kids are happier because they are getting more."


Anonymous said...

Not to mention the hipsters, who buy used clothes just because it's trendy. Of course, most of them buy at "vintage clothing" stores, which is just a fancy way of saying "we charge thirty bucks for a worn-out Garfield 'World's Greatest Grandma' t-shirt, and fifty for your dad's old army pants, and we won't buy your old clothes because we only buy from suppliers", so it doesn't really count. But at least they're loosening up certain fashion trends, so that kids don't needlessly feel arbitrarily embarrassed for wearing clothes that aren't the latest designer models.

Isaac, The Rookie said...

When I arrived here, there was a parishioner who told me I needed to start shopping at Brooks Brothers, where I could walk in with a paycheck and walk out with three socks (handknitted socks made from Peruvian caterpillar fur, no doubt, but still...) so seeing a trend like that takes some pressure off of me too... I posted a long time ago about brand-name, full-price gear being poor stewardship, and have always had a tough time paying lots of money for just the name when the quality's the same.