Apparently even great saints have doubtful times

I found an article in my mailbox today, copied from the Post-Dispatch (I'll edit in a link later, in a hurry just now) about Mother Teresa's writings to her confessors and confidants about how she experienced a really long time (years and years) of feeling like God was not with her.

The mom who mentioned this story to me yesterday, before I saw the paper itself, seemed a little shaken by it, but I had a thought:

Even if Mother Teresa did feel lost, did wonder if Christ had really forsaken her, she still obeyed the command He'd given her, still served the people who needed her most. And thus, no matter what any writings say, she is still an example of true faith.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "Only the obedient believe, and only believers obey."


Esther said...

I actually find it more encouraging that someone like Mother Theresa went through struggles so similar to what the rest of us go through. Very good post.

Mark said...

At first I was shaken too, but then like Isaac I thought how very amazing it is that God trusted her with such a very long period of doubt. How many others could ever have continued to obey?

Perhaps it also gives some insight into someone like Solomon, who despite having the Lord appear to him twice, and despite getting the gift of Wisdom, nonethless disobeyed the Lord and started worshiping other gods. Perhaps his long period was too much for him.