A chuch typo

We're putting together an updated songbook for our children's chapel service, and I walked into our clergy assistant's office today to find a sheet on her desk with one of my all-time favorite camp songs on it.

"I love this song!" I said, not noticing that she was pulling all those pages out.
"Read the whole thing," she told me.

The first verse was good: "I will call upon the Lord/who is worthy to be praised/ So shall I be/ saved from my enemies."

But the chorus had a kicker to it: "The Lord liveth!/ and blessed be the Lord/ and may the God of our salvation be exhausted!"

(It should read, "be exalted," by the way.)


Anonymous said...

I've always been waiting for someone to type "salivation" instead of "salvation".

Something to the effect of: "Let us now pray for salivation."

Anonymous said...

Also, I think "exhaled" would be a much better typo for "exalted". :P