When God Redeems my Worst

When I was serving at Immanuel, I concluded one report to the church council by saying "God only asks us to give our best, and He'll work with however much that is." My senior pastor jumped in to add, "Most days God even works with our worst." I grumbled a little under my breath because I wasn't asking the church council to underachieve that night, but today his words came back to me in a really unique way.

I was not happy with myself this morning. This has been yet another month of broken resolutions, including the one where I get up early in the morning, get ready for work and clean something in my apartment, so when I leave it's fairly neat and hospitable, a good haven for when I come back again. For the last month, unless I have something scheduled early, it's been nearly impossible for me to get myself out of bed with enough time to do more than shower and throw clothes on.

This morning was especially bad because I was awake at 7, but not moving until after 8, just lying there and looking at the clock every few minutes. When I did get up and ready for work, I was really irritated with myself, convinced that the slow start would mark my day.

I went to Starbucks to pick up breakfast and coffee, and as I walked from the store back to my car, God redeemed my morning. One of my students and his dad were walking up the sidewalk, and stopped, with a big smile and a handshake, to say hi. We chatted, and I invited him to a hockey game that two of our guys are playing in on Saturday, and then I drove to work.

It's no excuse; I still want to wake up early and get a few useful things done before I go to work, but to me this meeting is a proof that I serve a gracious God who does indeed, thank you Pastor Jim, work with my worst when that's all I can give Him.

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