When the Cougars Attacked

The other night on TV, the network cut out the best part of the early episode of "The Simpsons," the part where the cougars attack. Anyone who's seen the show before would instantly know that just because the rope reaches the two characters stranded on a tree trunk above a steep ravine does not mean the car will simply be able to pull them to safety on the first try. Having seen that particular episode before, I knew they were missing the best part. No way does a backpack full of roast beef sandwiches and beer make it back. It's a trade-off that absolutely must be made in order to keep the integrity of the show. And all the more so when Homer's song in the car on the way home includes a line about "cougars eating my lunch."

When the show was over, I stepped into the kitchen (a matter of inches in my current apartment) to finish making dinner and realized that the editing of the show made me feel a lot like Jesus did when he began preaching and started to see the state of his people's faith.

"You're missing the best part!" he must have shouted in his mind and out loud any number of times. "This show isn't about making more rules. It's not about acting like you have it all together. It's not about you deciding who's worthy and who still has a way to go."

"You're missing it! You're missing the part where God comes down and says 'I love you because I made you and I'm coming back to take away your sin and make you whole again the way you're supposed to be!'"

"Will you leave some work for God to do?"

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