On MSN, a columnist denounces Hannah Montana

I spotted this column on MSN.com this afternoon, titled "Why Hannah Montana is a bad role model" and it's an interesting read, mostly pointing out boilerplate reasons why following teenage stars too closely is likely to get real kids into trouble. The column predicts that H.M. will be the "next to go all Britney Spears on us." It's a fairly strong criticism the whole way through, and while I can't identify if the author is connected with any particular Christian group, I wanted to post this link and see if there were any thoughts about it. I hear a lot of parents talking approvingly about Hannah because she's seemed like a generally well-scrubbed small human with a lot of potential, and they tend to appreciate their kids watching her rather than some of the more "grown up" stars (those ones grown up in chronological years only, of course.)

Here's a quote.

These teen idols, besides charging $30 for fan-club membership, are doing one thing: They're making our teens and preteens idle. Instead of watching quality movies, reading good books and learning to sing and play instruments on their own, our kids are indulging in the fantasy that their idols are sitting just across the family room. Really, these young stars are sitting on huge piles of money that would be better invested in college savings funds, and squandering irreplaceable time that could be better spent on something smart or, at the very least, on quality entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, they are not making are preteens idle, technology is assisting our entire culture to become more idle.

Why walk to the phone to answer it? You have your cellphone on you.

Why ride your bike to a friends house when you can play Halo 3 online against him or World of Warcraft?

The teen celebrities are not our problem, they are only a symptom of our culture's decay.