Christos anesti! Alethos anesti!

Welcome to a new season of blogging with the Rookie Youthworker! I took a fast from writing on it over Lent for a couple of reasons:

1) I was feeling really pressured to keep putting up awesome useful content, on top of work and school, and needed to step back and rest for a little while.

2) I didn't really know what the blog was for anymore.

God gave me an excellent season during Lent to sit and think and pray about it. Although most of the real progress didn't happen until the end of Lent, the whole time was worth it.
To deal with the problem of pressure, I've decided to re-instate the posting rule I had when I first started the RYW blog in December of 2005. I will post "major" content, aka serious essay-type posts or technique ideas or something to wrestle with and use, three times every week. That way I'll have time to think on them and make sure they're coherent and helpful.
To recover my sense of direction, God and I realized that the blog has three main purposes:
1) To glorify God by serving as a place where youth ministers can wrestle with theology and philosophy of ministry, to make sure the things we do are faithful to His commands.
2) To contribute to the overall state of youth ministry by offering ideas that we can work on, tweak, debate and remodel.
3) To share both humor and information from the world around us that helps us keep our perspective and appreciate the unique context we're working in today.
May God bless you through this blog and we strengthen each other in conversation this year!


Esther said...

Yay! I'm glad you're back to blogging. I have missed your posts.

Steve Blanchard said...

Hey rookie, don't beat yourself up. I like that you have rediscovered your mission with your blog and I hope that you keep up the great work. I have done YM for about 6 years and it doesn't seem to get any easier, however, things do get familiar.