The Rookie's Library February 23, 2006

What I'm Reading:

"The Roaring Boy" by Edward Marston (Elizabethan theatre mystery featuring Nicholas Bracewell) (C) 1995 St. Martin's Press ISBN 0312131550

"Suddenly They're 13" (or the art of hugging a cactus) by David and Claudia Arp (Parenting manual for adolescents) (C) 1999 Zondervan ISBN 0310227887

What I'm Watching:

"Date Movie" on the big screen

"Final Destination 1 and 2"

"The Parent Trap" with Dennis Quaid and Lindsay Lohan

What I'm Hearing:

Jonathan Rundman's "Public Library" and "Sound Theology" albums

Bruce Rundman's "True Worth" album

The Mark Kramer Jazz Trio, "Harry Potter Jazz: The Sorcerer's Stone"

How many couches are being thrown away at my complex this week:


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