New Bible as a graphic novel

From the NYTimes today: "The Bible as Graphic Novel, with a Samurai Stranger called Christ"

"Publishers with an eye for evangelism and for markets have long profited by directing Bibles at niche markets: just-married couples, teenage boys, teenage girls, recovering addicts. Often the lure is cosmetic, like a jazzy new cover.
Sales of graphic novels, too, have grown by double digits in recent years. So it makes sense that a convergence is under way, as graphic novels take up stories from the Bible, often in startling ways. In the last year, several major religious and secular publishing houses have announced or released manga religious stories."

Zondervan started doing some of these graphic novels of Biblical stories; they gave out a few as samples during the NYWC this year. Here's their link.

It's a great idea. For a visual culture, provide visual evangelism. The story makes reference to the tradition of providing ways to access the Bible that people can easily be drawn into-- stained-glass windows were originally intended to share God's story with illiterate people.


karlaho said...

Well said, sir. Also check out Douglas Rushkoff's "Testament" series if you get the chance. They're sort of bible as graphic novel texts, but there's also a contemporary day storyline which parallels the old testament one. I'm a big fan.

James said...

Great graphic novel....!