Last Night's Nightline; "Hard as Nails" ministry

I ran across this story on "Nightline" last night, about a ministry that spreads Christ's message by saying what people are thinking, then confronting those words with the Bible. Any thoughts?

"Jumping up and down, getting hit by chairs and telling girls they are fat is hardly the image of a Catholic preacher. But for Justin Fatica, a 29-year-old unordained priest and leader of a nonprofit called Hard as Nails Ministries, that is exactly the point.
Fatica targets teens with his preaching, and his methods of spreading his brand of the Catholic message have brought him both admiration and criticism."

Here's the video


grantss said...

I saw this Guy last night on dateline, and I thought he was right on the MONEY!!! Keep up the good work! It's time someone put a little flame under our youths behinds. godbless-Ellen

theoquest said...

Didn't see the show, but after reading the article and seeing the chair to the back clip... feeling a little queezy.

Where do we go when the chair bashing is passe and no longer 'gets their attention'?